The Week I Nearly Gave up on Sex

I wasn’t having a good time in life and was feeling down. Yea it happens, and it‘s those moments I do miss having a relationship. Having someone to chat to and the ability to be open about what’s going on. I have an fwb that I can be open with, but he’s not always around and this was one of those nights. 

Sometimes I go for a walk regardless of the time. People make comments that I‘m crazy for doing this, walking around London sometimes at 3 am. But it‘s better than sitting at home, and it helps to clear my head.

notification pops up and someone has DM’d me, so I’m walking around chatting to him. A guy who didn’t live in London but he had talked a lot about driving in, meet and drive around. Like everyone else, he knows my place is off-limits. So we’re chatting, hes at home bored, I’m walking around. He suggests driving in to meet. Yea I called him crazy, would take over an hour to reach me. He insisted, so next thing he‘s in his car driving into London. 

We met, drove around, chatted, listened to music and had a laugh. Then he parked up. One of the reasons he drove in was because a joint a would make everything better. And where better to hotbox than a car. Yea I used to smoke pot, a lot of it in fact. But eventually, there comes a time when you have to stop smoking. One thing leads to another and we have hands down pants, and this quickly developed to him fingering me and I’m sucking his cock. He came, and this was it. He straightens himself up and we carry on chatting. He starts the car and dropped me off. Yea I got out of the car possibly wondering the same as you, what the fuck?! All that way for a blow job. I could have stayed at home and fingered myself. It was different though and goes down as one of those to share.

Following night, I met with another guy. A tourist who was apparently staying with a friend so we couldn’t go to his. This I find out when we left the pub we had met at for a drink. Found a room and off we went to this over-priced dive. £90 a night and no en-suite. 

Like the previous guy he had been very vocal about what he liked. Even in the room, he had the chat. Even fancied himself as a bit of a Dom. Let’s just say he needs to learn a lot as his only experience of being a Dom is the word. We didn’t waste time and were soon undressed. Bit of mutual oral. I say a bit as he came very quickly. Yea, it happens. Had a bit of a break and we carried on. The fucker came again. I’m good but not that good haha.

Another break got him hard again, and we started fucking. I don’t know why we bothered, it was over before it even started. So he‘s come three times, and I’m just wet. And he calls it a night. We left the room and started walking down the road, he left me in Knightsbridge at 3 am in the pissing rain. Even the doormen on the club where we were standing couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want him paying for transport, or anything do not get me wrong but would have been nice to either wait with me or walk to the bus stop. He messaged me the next day to meet again. Not a chance. He asked a few times after that he‘s now deleted and blocked. Cannot be doing with the begging. 

So two nights and two equally shit encounters. Night three. The guy didn’t show up. Gave me some bullshit excuse. Fine, it happens, just don’t lie. He’s ghosted me. Fair enough will be interesting to see if he will now zombie me. 

Night four. Another crap meet. At least this one though did have to decency to make sure we both came orally. As for the fuck, another quick one. Don’t get me wrong quick fucks can be awesome. The really turned on, quick hard fucks are great. This wasn’t one of those. 

Finally got home and dm from a guy who I‘d been chatting to, just arranging when and where to fuck. The conversation started with the usual pleasantries and I had to ask him if he really was a good fuck or one of those that was over within 5 seconds haha. Looking back I think most guys would have deleted and left, but kudos to him, no he answered. And we had a chat about the past four nights. Yea I talk to these guys about the other guys. And at this pointI was ready to stop fucking because what was the point? I could save myself the travelling time and finger myself and told him this. No pressure on him haha. 

Met he and him restored my faith in the guys from tinder, and there are some on there who can fuck, who like to see the female come, and who don’t leave them stranded at three in the morning. As like most people, if you‘re out at 3 am you‘re staying.


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